Hi there, long time no see! Gosh, things have been hectic around here with moving and trying to unpack aaaaaaaand finding a good internet service provider. I am as of this post still on the hunt and hoping to have internet installed as soon as possible. LIfe without internet is not easy now that I’ve become super dependent on it!

But thank goodness for technology! I am writing this blog post on my iPhone! Eeeeek! 

I had such a fun time finally cutting into this Gooseberry layer cake I’d been hoarding for a special project. When I saw that the Spool Soufflé quilt required a layer cake I immediately knew that I wanted to use Gooseberry!

I’d ordered bolts of Bella solids from Fat Quarter Shop previously and they were a perfect match! Yay!!! If you have been following along on Instagram you’ve seen the sneak peeks like these photos.

I love the prints and colors in the Gooseberry collection by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics!

I went to my favorite library for some photos of my quilt while packing and going slightly crazy. I gotta admit I had mixed feelings while taking photos knowing that I was moving and how much I’d miss this amazing library and city.

Ok, so full disclosure here. My frazzled brain decided that I needed order and sewing on auto pilot made me match up all the spool bodies with their respective tops and bottoms! I didn’t even realize I’d done this until the whole quilt top had been pieced together. So, I decided to embrace my “empty” spools for their quirky beauty as is. I have to admit that I kinda love them the way they turned out but I’ve now learned not to sew on auto pilot! (The Brain cannot be trusted. The Brain will try and organize allllll the things.)

Here is my close up to show you my error in piecing. You can laugh “wth” me now. Hah. My “empty” spools are still pretty though, right?

Thank you for dropping by! My Spool Souffle quilt and I are off to new adventures! Make sure to check out Fat Quarter Shop for the pattern!


xx, elise

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