Tilda’s Seasonal Ideas Collection Sew Along

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! It’s crazy how the weekends seem to go by so much faster than the rest of the week, right? Well, by now you’ve probably seen that Andrea @willowcottagequiltco and I @eliseandemelie are hosting a Tilda Sew Along! Eeeeeek! So excited for this event because I’ve been admiring and loving Tilda for quite some time now. Who doesn’t love Tilda, right? I think the books are amazing and have the potential for so many cute projects, whether you use Tilda fabric or not. I got a wee bit excited once I actually got my book!! The sew along will run from September 1st until November 1st and you can make one or several projects from the book. Just so you don’t miss out on any updates, make sure to follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #TildasSeasonalideasSal so we don’t miss your projects! And you don’t have to use Tilda fabrics for your projects, use your favorites!

Tilda’s Seasonal Ideas Collection

Such a pretty cover! So, like I said, I got excited and had to do a fabric pull of gooooooorgeous Liberty fabric which happens to be the July Liberty Society Bundle from my amazing sponsor Ava and Neve! The touch of Liberty, the imagery in the book and the sweet projects….truly hard to say no to sneaking in a little project before the sew along actually starts!

Sooooo, these sweets (gosh they look yummy!) and those sweet flowers called my name and off I went to make a couple!

I added Swarovski crystal beads instead of the ones suggested in the book, because who doesn’t like a little bling bling and sparkle sparkle? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the sparkle as I would have liked to and even mentioned on my instagram post that maybe I should take these to the Swarovski store and ask if I could take a few photos of these in one of their display cases. If you haven’t been inside a Swarovski store, let me explain why….they have these display cases with the perfectly positioned and angled lights that make each facet of their crystals sparkle like little stars in a pitch dark desert night! Ooooh, so pretty! Hmmm, I’m thinking I’ll have to plan a trip out to the mall….. Back to these little flowers! They were super quick and easy to make! The hardest part was picking which fabric to start with and I will definitely be making more!

So, have you had a chance to order a book yet? Or do you have any of the three books that this book is a compilation of? It’s a collection of the following three books,

Tilda’s Spring Ideas


Tilda’s Summer Ideas

and last but not least,

Tilda’s Winter Ideas

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I always find myself attracted to books with pretty covers and it’s easier to remember the books once I’ve seen what they look like on the outside! If you click on the images for the books it’ll take you to Amazon, where I like to do a lot of my book shopping because Amazon Prime lets me have it same day sometime and within 2 days at most….nothing like almost instant gratification! Haha! If you know of different sites/places to buy these books, let me know and I can share with everybody!

One more thing before I let you all go! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it until now, but I started a Pinterest board with Tilda inspiration  that I’m saving all things pretty Tilda to.  I tell myself, ok, 30 minutes on Pinterest tops…and then a few hours later I am in shock because time goes by SO FAST! It just sucks you in! Save me! And one more thing! If you’re in search of Tilda fabric here in the US or Canada, make sure to check out Andrea’s shop Willow Cottage Quilt Co. She is located in Canada, but ships to us folks in the US via USPS! Yes, you read that right, USPS!! So shipping is super reasonable, and she’s super sweet and knowledgeable about all things Tilda! She sent me this amazing Harvest bundle of Tilda and I haven’t been able to stop petting it…so puuuuurdy! So you’ll definitely see me making a project, or two or three with these during the sew along! Hope I’ve been able to help you to decide to jump on the sew along band wagon if you were on the fence, with some more info regarding the books and where to get Tilda fabrics!

So, until next time, have a wonderful week and I hope you have a chance to sit and create and make something that makes you happy!

xx, elise

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[…] Andrea and Elise are hosting the “Tilda’s Seasonal Ideas Collection Sew-along”. It kicks off on 1 September and you can use whatever fabrics you’d like to participate. You can read more by clicking here. […]
Skye B
September 4, 2017
Hello there, I've just found you via Angie at gnome angel, as soon as I saw Tilda sew along I was already hooked. I adore Tilda and own this compilation book and Tilda's toy box, and have slowly been building up a small collection of Tilda and tilda-esque fabrics to use. Thank you so much for the opportunity to sew along
    September 4, 2017
    hiii!! So happy you've found us through Angie! Can't wait to see your makes!
[…] Andrea and Elise are hosting the “Tilda’s Seasonal Ideas Collection Sew-along”. It kicked off on 1 September and you can use whatever fabrics you’d like to participate. You can read more by clicking here. […]