Hi and welcome back to my second date on the book tour! I’ve only posted a sneak peek of the Celestial star quilt that I have been working on, and today I get to share more of my progress and process!

I received the paper kit for the Celestial Star Quilt from Paper Pieces and Little Town and Les Petits by Amy Sinibaldi along with some Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Now, when I had originally been planning (yes, yes, I know, I actually did a lot of planning of where to place each print and color) the layout of the prints I had assumed smaller prints, but whoa, once I received the fabrics I quickly realized that my original idea would not work so well. So, it was back to the drawing/planning board and starting over. My goal was to really let the prints show as much as possible, because they are just the sweetest, but the pieces in the celestial star quilt are quite small and they made me chop up the prints in the fabric too much for my liking. That’s when I remembered people using washi tape to combine paper pieces! And holy cow, the papers from Paper Pieces are laser cut and just come together to make bigger shapes super easy! Do you like my washi taped paper pieces art? 🙂  I am sharing the back of my blocks so you can see what I did here. This would probably be a great idea for folks that are intimidated by a lot of small pieces too!

So, of course changing my original layout and starting over slowed me down quite a bit, but I was able to finish a few blocks. I have been crushing on solids A LOT lately and really loved incorporating them with the prints in these blocks.

This is how the blocks will come together…please excuse my wrinkly design wall…I had to put up another piece of batting because the old one was just COVERED in little pieces of thread and I couldn’t find my lint roller…. So I think I’ll keep the block with the little houses as the center block and work my way around.

I love how you can see the prints in all their prettiness with the bigger taped together paper pieces! I am still working and playing with the prints and solids to make the rest of the blocks and having a lot of fun!

In case you were wondering about removing the papers…it’s super easy, as long as you don’t use TOO much glue! The paper retains it shape really well and the washi tape is still holding the different pieces together! Excellent!

Here you can see how the lower right part looks the way it will once the paper is removed. Because the fabric has a light background color, the kraft paper color shows through on the other pieces.

Here the four center pieces have had the papers removed so you can get a better feel for how the print looks.

And the center paper removed from one of the big blocks. Wee little town!

If you follow me on Instagram @eliseandemelie you might have seen this……

I was so inspired to bust out my precious stash of Alison Glass fabrics after seeing the amazing Celestial Star blocks by Ava and Neve and Giucy_Giuce !! So full of vibrant colors and prints! Make sure to go and take a look at their blocks too! And again, with my solid color crush, this amazing pure elements hot pink had to go in there! I had left this one hanging on my wall, waiting and waiting to have the next round of pieces added to it….and I was playing with lots of different ideas, but ended up with this…

I just love this color explosion so much! And don’t the pure elements solids play so well with the Alison Glass prints? Yummy!! Going clockwise starting with the yellow solid on top, here are the pure elements I used:

  1. Empire Yellow
  2. Park Citron
  3. Patina Green
  4. Cozumel Blue
  5. Purple Pansy
  6. Cabernet
  7. Tiger Lily
  8. Burnt Orange

The center pink is called Cherry Lipgloss. Here is the block against a black background…just makes the colors pop even more! I am tempted to make this one into a cushion cover, but the hubs suggested putting it in one of those big shadow boxes! He said this one should be displayed as an art piece and I am inclined to agree. 🙂

That’s it for my update folks and I’ll be posting more updates as I keep on working on my celestial star quilt. Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you all around here and on Instagram! Don’t forget to subscribe below if you’d like to stay in touch!

xx, Elise








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