I cannot tell you how excited I was when Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations asked me to participate in her book tour for her new book Quilting on the go…English Paper Piecing! And when the book finally came a little over a month ago all the way from Tuva Publishing in Turkey, I just had to sit down and look through it right away. (First time receiving anything from Turkey was quite exciting too!)

Today is my first turn on the book tour and I seriously want to make all of the projects in this book, it’s that good! And you’ll be able to see that I’m not kidding when I say I want to make them all…. hehe.

Quilting on the go…English paper piecing

So my main project that I just can’t wait to start stitching together is the Celestial Star quilt which is on the cover of the book.Isn’t it stunning? And Paper Pieces kindly sent me the full paper kit to make it, which really helps because I could not imagine sitting and cutting out all those paper pieces by hand! Yikes! So this is my start…just the filler pieces for now, but can you guess which collection I’ll be cutting the fussy cuts from? Take a guess! So since Celestial Star is a huge project I wanted to work on a smaller one, just because. And I started off working on the Be My Bunny Baby Quilt which is just perfect for big fussy cuts in the center and all around really. I had a couple of prints from Pixie Noel that I’d been wanting to turn into something cute, and look, I am way ahead on my holiday sewing this year! (I really need to pat myself on the shoulder! Well done you, for starting early! Just finish it now dang it!)I got three blocks done, and the remaining fussy cut centers ready for their side border pieces. I was able to get nine individual “scenes” from my piece of fabric and it just made me giddy!  I wish I’d taken this in better lighting though, but I’ll be sharing the progress on these on Instagram and hopefully in better light…..

I did finish two small projects from the book and love them too! (I told you I really love all the projects in the book!) The first one I made was the Strawberry and Cream Clamshell Dilly Bag. Depending on which edition of the book you have, make sure to check Sharon’s website for some pattern corrections here

The construction of the clamshells on this bag is genius….see the bottom center photo in the collage above? Thats the center back seam and all the photos take you around the whole bag…but no seam on the clamshells! OOOOOH! I love how this turned out and these Radian Girl fabrics from Lecien are so fun! I only had a mini charm pack of this collection so I had to use a few Minny Muu prints for a few clamshells and the drawstring casing. But I think they blend in with the collection pretty well. The main body is Robert Kaufam Essex Linen. And the pockets…I LOVE pockets! See the inside (bottom right) has four pockets to store your things neatly inside. One thing I should mention is that I actually had to look up the word “parlan” because I’d never heard of it before! I could kinda guess it was some type of interfacing or batting, but I learned something new! So this is what a quick search on Google gave me:

Parlan is an iron on batting/interfacing that can be used behind stitcheries to stop shadowing or distortions.

So for any of you out there that are like me and have never heard of parlan before, now you know. 🙂

The second little project I finished is the Zipper Pouch. English paper piecing, appliqué and some hand stitched detail = yum!

This was my first time sewing with cork! Eeeeek! My sister Emelie got it for me a while back….and it had been sitting on my shelf because I was kinda like, oh, can I make anything with it and will it be hard? It was super easy to work with and not scary at all! I would definitely use it again for a future project! Guess I’ll be hunting down some cork sellers now because I’ve seen those gold and silver flecked variations and they look so amazing.

 Art Gallery fabrics sent me this beautiful Bachelorette Fusions bundle to work with and combined with the cork and cosmo floss stitching detail, and some Art Gallery Fabrics denim that I had, it was a match made in heaven. I played with the exposure on these photos just so you’d be able to see the colors in a different light…. I used pink Tsu Mu Gi thread from Lecien for this bag and the topstitching detail and it’s so pretty in person but doesn’t show so well in the photos unfortunately. So, another super fun and quick project for all you pouch lovers out there!

Oooh, and I have to share because I do really love how this Unicorn Thread Gloss is making my stitching addiction so much more pleasant!(see the flower in the metal tin in the center photo) I am a long piece of thread worker (meaning, I just can’t handle short pieces of thread when I hand stitch anything) and of course, working with longer pieces of thread you’re more likely to end up with twisting thread and tangles…. But Kim @Robotmomsews on Instagram sent me this Unicorn Thread Gloss to try and it really helped keep my thread from getting all tangled and going through the fabrics smoooooothly. Plus it smells divine! You can use the code ELISE10 for 10% off in her Etsy shop until July 31 if you’d like to try one for yourself. She’s got a ton of different designs you can pick from too. 🙂 Just awesome!

That’s it for me this time around and I hope you’ll check back in a month when I’ll have more progress photos to share of my Celestial Star project! Thank you for dropping by!

Elise 🙂




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July 13, 2017
Thank you for joining in the Book Tour. I LOVE all your makes and I am also super excited to see your Celestial Star grow. xx
Nicole Sender
July 30, 2017
Like your Be My Bunny Baby quilt blocks So cute!