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Welcome to my turn on the Fabric.com Summer Block Party! So yesterday was the first day of summer and boy oh boy, it sure has been a hot summer so far!

The first thing I thought of when I saw the color theme for the summer block party was yummy fruity popsicles and jeans. No summer without jean shorts and lots of refreshing popsicles, right? Well, so I set out to find the perfect fabrics for my block and these just stood out! But I will be honest and say that I spent A LOT of time browsing all of Fabric.com’s huge fabric selection! (If you haven’t had a chance to browse their site yet, trust me, you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee or wine to enjoy, because you’ll be there for a while!)

I knew I wanted a contrasting color to make the popsicles really pop so I had to try the Art Gallery Fabrics denim. I’d heard that it’s so soft and wonderful to work with and I couldn’t agree more! It worked really well with the Sommer quilting cottons and I could not be happier.                                                          From left to right, these are the fabrics I chose:

  1. Art Gallery Fabrics smooth denim in Solid Indigo Shadow
  2. Michael Miller Sommer in Garden Shadow Breeze
  3. Michael Miller Sommer in Tulip Folk Sunshine
  4. Michael Miller Sommer in Garden Shadow Meadow
  5. Michael Miller Sommer in Tulip Tangled Bloom 
  6. P & B Textiles Pink Lady Wood Grain in Cream not pictured here used on the popsicle sticks

I really love how the popsicles turned out bright and fruity looking.

The tulip print reminds me of strawberry popsicles! Yum!

This is a beginner friendly block pattern and the popsicles come together really quick. With a little creativity you can make lots of different variations on these popsicles. I love strawberries so hmm, I might have been a little biased in how my popsicles turned out. But all popsicles are so perfect for hot summer days, and you know you can’t stop after just one! I know I can’t……While making this block, I tried both traditional piecing and foundation paper piecing. I like both methods, but know that a lot of folks have a preference for one or the other especially with smaller pieces like these. So the pattern gives the directions for traditional piecing, but of course I had to include the paper piecing templates for you all as well as a BONUS! Yay!

The free pattern for Popsicle Party can be found here along with the bonus templates! Hope you all have as much fun making this block as I did and happy summer!

xx, Elise & Emelie

In case you’re just joining this block party, here is the full lineup of all the designers and their blocks!

June 5
“Candied Pineapple”
Anneliese Johnson
Eye Candy Quilts
June 8
“Nautical Stripes”
Kristi Schroeder
Initial K Studio
June 12
“Camp Out”
Cristy Stuhldreher
Love You Sew
June 19
Shayla & Kristy Wolf
Sassafras Lane Designs
June 22 (hello!)
“Popsicle Party”
Elise Baek
Elise & Emelie
June 26
“Sunshine Days”
Haley Anderson
June 29
“Fishy Fish”
Christopher Thompson
the tattooed quilter
July 5
“Half Square Gingham”
Sarah Thomas & Nicole Young


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