I am trying out the WordPress app writing this blog post on my phone so I hope it turns out ok! Just wanted to share that the Oh Sew Curvy pattern is now live on our Craftsy and Etsy shops. You can get there through the shop tab on our home page.

I had some wonderful testers that made the most beautiful samples with the blocks that were provided in the pattern. Jonna @bespokeoutlaw made this mug rug and it looks like a flower! Don’t you think her quilting was spot on too? Just makes the petals  pop. Wendy @sewknotcrochet made this beauty with these amazing fabrics from @dailylikecanada and I just love the dainty florals with the polka dots! And she even put a cute label on there! I always forget to add my cute labels….Jen @lilmaisiedaisy flipped the blocks and created this stunning curved diamond block mugrug! The curved quilting makes the center just pop, and those tiny florals, ack! Love!! Cat @tincatsew made this fabulous cushion and I just love the bright colors and prints she chose! And that center button is just perfect! I hadn’t even thought of making a cushion with these blocks so I am super happy that she made one! That just shows how the options are endless if you just let your creativity loose! Now I’m super inspired to make one too. Jessamyn @rufflespearlsandbows made this circle center mugrug in the the sweetest pastel colors. The binding is just such a nice contrast and if you look close you can see the hand stitching detail she added! Perfect! Paola @loveoffabrics accepted the challenge of piecing the smallest blocks together! I had them in the pattern, took them out because I thought they might be too small. But Paola didn’t have any problems piecing them so I added the smallest size back into the pattern! Yay! Plus don’t these pretty Charleston and Les Petits fabrics make you swoon? This beauty by Kelsey @ktownsell23 really just pops off the background! The florals against the dark background fabric is brilliant and now I want to buy big floral prints for my stash! Michelle @ohmichellef made the block look completely different with her color placement! Like I said, it’s so easy to personalize these blocks to your liking and with the six coloring sheets that comes with the pattern you can design your own color layout! I love how she went with the traditional red center block!

Oh and I can’t forget about my own little make I made ! I made this circular piece where I only pieced half of my blocks before assembling them into a circle. I knew I wanted to make it a circle and didn’t want to waste fabric on the outer corners since I’d be cutting them off. With paper piecing it was a piece of cake and I’ll be making more with my ever growing stash of scraps!

Well, that’s all for today folks and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the wonderful creations by my talented testers! Let’s get creative and have some fun!



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